Farewell to the Night

Película de 2019 104 min. In Production

✅ Ver película Farewell to the Night completa en Español sin cortes y sin publicidad. Última actualización: HOY. Farewell to the Night pelicula completa (2019) esta disponible, como siempre en Repelis. Nuestro contenido está adaptado al Español latino. El genero de Farewell to the Night es Drama. Farewell to the Night para ver la Pelicula Completa tiene una duración de 104 min. Nuestro contenido para ver online tenemos siempre es de la mejor calidad centrandonos en contenido HD, 1080, o 720.


Muriel breeds horses in France and runs an almond plantation with her business partner from the Maghreb. A confident woman who spent her childhood and youth in Algeria, Muriel seems to enjoy a life that is both harmonious and fulfilled. She receives a visit from her beloved grandson Alex, whom she raised after his mother died in an accident. He is on his way to Canada, where he allegedly has a job. However, Muriel discovers that Alex has other plans – and a much more dangerous destination. Moreover, his childhood sweetheart Lila also seems to be more deeply involved than Muriel initially suspects. The young man becomes more and more of a stranger to her; the complete change that has come over him is incomprehensible to his grandmother. She senses that her words and any amount of discussion will not help. Finding herself caught in a dilemma between her love for her grandson and her deep concern, she decides to take a drastic step.


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Farewell to the Night (2019)

Título original

L’Adieu a la nuit

Año de lanzamiento





104 min.